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Design & Installation

System Design

At Inphase AV, we are committed to helping our clients take their AV projects from start to finish, and that process begins with professional custom AV design. Whether you are looking to implement a conferencing solution in your boardroom, a high quality audio system for your school performance space or theatre, or a simple display on a wall, our AV design team can envision custom technology solutions that will meet your needs and exceed expectations. We believe that what sets our work apart is the time we take listening to each client's unique budget, needs, and wishes. With an understanding of what you expect from your AV system, our designers can turn that vision into a reality.

Inphase AV's designers have extensive manufacturer's training and field experience to ensure that each AV design project turns out to be a successful implementation in order to meet current needs and potential future uses. The design process includes:
  1. Consultation - An Inphase AV team member will meet with you and any other related personnel, such as a architects, interior designers, builders, etc.
  2. Site visit - This will help our AV designers visualize the workspace and get a first-hand insight into the limitations and unique features of your space.
  3. Design approval - You will receive a proposal for your AV design. After you review, you can talk over any alterations or changes that need to be made. Upon approval, the design will be readied for the installation process.


Inphase AV proudly offers professional commercial AV installation services throughout the NSW statewide area. Our business practices are built on advanced industry expertise and exceptional customer service, so at Inphase AV we strive to provide AV installation services that are efficient, affordable and with as little disruption possible to your workplace. Inphase AV installation staff have years of experience with low-voltage wiring installation and equipment installation. From simple television installations to an entire business tenancy multi meeting space fitout, Inphase AV can help with all your AV installation needs.

At Inphase AV, we pride ourselves on the quality of all the materials  and equipment we use and install; we partner with the top manufacturers to provide you with the quality, reliability and performance you expect from an AV system. 

For outstanding quality, performance, and service, choose Inphase AV for all your AV installation projects. Contact us today!

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